Production d'NH+4 par la crevette Crangon crangon L. dans deux écosystémes côtiers. approche expérimentale et étude de l'influence du sédiment sur le taux d'excrétion

  title={Production d'NH+4 par la crevette Crangon crangon L. dans deux {\'e}cosyst{\'e}mes c{\^o}tiers. approche exp{\'e}rimentale et {\'e}tude de l'influence du s{\'e}diment sur le taux d'excr{\'e}tion},
  author={Mich{\`e}le Regnault},
  • Michèle Regnault
  • Published 1986
  • Biology
  • Estimation of the ammonia production of the shrimp C. crangon in two littoral ecosystems (oligotrophic sand and eutrophic mud) was determined in winter and summer conditions from laboratory observations in experimental microcosms. The ammonia excretion rate of C. crangon was not influenced by either the sediment type or the ammonia concentration of the overlying water; on the other hand, the mean excretion rate and the response to initial handling stress increased markedly as shrimp were… CONTINUE READING

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