Production and properties of a precision-cast bio-inspired composite

  title={Production and properties of a precision-cast bio-inspired composite},
  author={Sebastian Friedhelm Fischer and Marc Thielen and Philip Weiss and Robin Seidel and Thomas Speck and Andreas B{\"u}hrig-Polaczek and Matthias B{\"u}nck},
  journal={Journal of Materials Science},
The article presents the production and investigation of a bio-inspired metal–metal-composite inspired by the pomelo peel. The pomelo fruit is able to withstand a fall externally undamaged, even from heights of over 10 m most likely due to the hierarchical structuring of its foamy peel, which represents a complex composite structure. Especially the foam’s struts, which are cells from the biological point of view, consisting of liquid-filled cores and shells (cell walls) with relatively high… 
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This chapter provides an overview on the limitations of currently exploited top-down and bottom-up manufacturing technologies and on the opportunities for the future development of hierarchical composites inspired by the unique multiscale structure of biological materials.


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It was found here that the vascular bundles branch in a very regular manner-every 16.5% of the radial peel thickness-and that the surrounding peel tissue attains its exceptional thickness mainly by the expansion of existing interconnected cells causing an increasing volume of the intercellular space, rather than by cell division.
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