Production and nutritional evaluation of extrusion-cooked full-fat soybean flour

  title={Production and nutritional evaluation of extrusion-cooked full-fat soybean flour},
  author={Gus C. Mustakas and Edward L. Griffin and L E Allen and O. B. Smith},
  journal={Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society},
A processing method for preparing full-fat soybean flours for human consumption by a new extrusion-cooking method was developed. Biological evaluations were made of samples produced experimentally by this method to determine the best conditions for preparing a product of maximum nutritive value and stability. Twelve processed full-fat soybean flours, prepared under different conditions, were evaluated by means of chemical analyses, biological assays, available lysine content, organoleptic and… 


SUMMARY– Full-fat soy flours prepared by the extrusion process were shown to have good nutritive value, flavor, and stability. A flour cooked to a nitrogen solubility index (NSI) of 30 stored well,


A nutritional evaluation was carried out on corn or sorghum blended with soy or cottonseed and processed using a Brady Crop Cooker. Protein efficiency ratios (PER's) and levels of antitrypsin

Expansion-Extrusion Processing of Corn, Milo and Raw Soybeans Before and After Incorporation in Broiler Diets

Abstract PROCESSING of cereal grains by various methods such as steam rolling or flaking has generally been demonstrated to be effective in increasing the efficiency of feed utilization for beef

The utilization of unextracted raw and extruded full-fat soybeans by the chick.

There is some controversy as to whether utilization of unheated soybean by the chick is dependent on the physiological development of the proteolytic enzyme systems with age as proposed by Alumot and Nitsan (1961) or that unheating soybean is inferior to properly heat treated soybean because of poor availability of the amino acids.

Effects of Extrusion Processing on Nutrients

The use of food extrusion as a commercial technology dates back to the mid-1980s. Since that time, the range of extrusion equipment has expanded considerably along with the types of products

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Quality evaluation of extrudates/snacks made from full fat blend of African breadfruit-soybean-corn was studied. The raw flour blend was extruded in a single screw extruder at 21% moisture content,

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Continuous extrusion cooking produces a short time pressure cooking of the material in process. The Wenger extruder-cooker has been successfully applied by others to soybeans for manufacture of full

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The economic analysis revealed that production of soy-sorghum fortified sattu could be viable and safely stored in metallic containers up to 60 days during summer and rainy seasons and sensory evaluation showed that soy- sorghum-sattu fortified up to a level of 30% soybean well accepted.

Effects of extrusion and expelling on the nutritional quality of conventional and Kunitz trypsin inhibitor-free soybeans.

Results of this study indicated that extrusion of CSB at 138 to 154 C or extruded of KFSB at 121 to 138 C yields protein quality similar to that of SBM.