Production and manipulation of wave packets from ultracold atoms in an optical lattice

  title={Production and manipulation of wave packets from ultracold atoms in an optical lattice},
  author={Poul L. Pedersen and Miroslav Gajdacz and Nils Winter and Andrew J. Hilliard and Jacob Friis Sherson and Jan J. Arlt},
  journal={Physical Review A},
Within the combined potential of an optical lattice and a harmonic magnetic trap, it is possible to form matter wave packets by intensity modulation of the lattice. An analysis of the production and motion of these wave packets provides a detailed understanding of the dynamical evolution of the system. The modulation technique also allows for a controllable transfer (de-excitation) of atoms from such wave packets to a state bound by the lattice. Thus, it acts as a beam splitter for matter waves… 
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