Production and fingerprinting of virus-free clones in a reflowering globe artichoke

  title={Production and fingerprinting of virus-free clones in a reflowering globe artichoke},
  author={Albero Acquadro and Maria A Papanice and Sergio Lanteri and Giovanna Bottalico and Ezio Portis and Antonia Campanale and Mariella M. Finetti-Sialer and Tiziana Mascia and P. Sumerano and Donato Gallitelli},
  journal={Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC)},
Most of the 24 viruses which infect globe artichoke are detrimental to the crop’s performance and hamper the development of a nursery activity in the respect of current EU legislation. We describe a procedure to sanitize globe artichoke “Brindisino” from Artichoke Italian latent virus (AILV) and Artichoke latent virus (ArLV), while preserving its valuable early flowering trait. ArLV was successfully eliminated by meristem-tip culture, while AILV was removed when two rounds of meristem-tip… CONTINUE READING
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