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Production and characterization of clay – cow dung insulating fire-bricks

  title={Production and characterization of clay – cow dung insulating fire-bricks},
  author={O. S. Olokode and Peter Olaitan Aiyedun and Dina Raheem and Femi Timothy Owoeye and B. U. Anyanwu},
The use of clay is of high economic potential in Abeokuta, South West Nigeria, to metallurgical, chemical and allied, ceramic and glass industries. This research work was carried out to investigate the suitability of using clay – cow dung to produce insulating firebrick and to determine the optimal ratio of the constituent. Two clay samples were collected from Ilese Awo clay deposit (Ilese Awo 1 and Ilese Awo 2). Preliminary test were carried out to determine the chemical constituents of clay… 

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