Production and Extraction of Quercetin and ( + )-Catechin from Phyllanthus niruri Callus Culture

  title={Production and Extraction of Quercetin and ( + )-Catechin from Phyllanthus niruri Callus Culture},
  • Published 2013
Quercetin and (+)-catechin are metabolites present in Phyllanthus niruri plant, have potential in medicinal uses as anticancer and antioxidant agents. Studies on production of quercetin and (+)-catechin from P. niruri callus culture via in vitro technique were carried out and the results were compared to the intact plant. P. niruri explants were cultured on Murashige and Skoog (MS) solidified media supplemented with several phytohormone combinations for one month. The metabolites were extracted… CONTINUE READING


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