Production Costs in Fifteenth-Century Printing

  title={Production Costs in Fifteenth-Century Printing},
  author={M. Pollak},
  journal={The Library Quarterly},
  pages={318 - 330}
  • M. Pollak
  • Published 1969
  • Sociology
  • The Library Quarterly
During the year 1486, Octavianus Scotus, an important figure in the book trade at Venice, decided to publish the works of Flavius Josephus. He discussed the project with the printer Joannes Rubeus Vercellensis, and we may safely assume without undue fear of contradiction that at some point in their talks Scotus turned to Joannes and said: "How much?" To answer this crucial question, Joannes would have had to calculate the amount of paper, ink, and other materials the job would require, make an… Expand
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