Production, Information Costs, and Economic Organization

  title={Production, Information Costs, and Economic Organization},
  author={Armen Albert Alchian and Harold Demsetz},
  journal={IEEE Engineering Management Review},
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Transaction Cost Economics - an Introduction to its Core Concepts and its Critics
The article presents a short review of the basic concepts of TCE and surveys the criticism received from different sources within economics.
Firm renewal in the regional economy
This thesis consists four independent papers. In each paper the purpose is to analyse firm renewal, with special consideration to regional characteristics. Highlighted here are the knowledge availa
Essays in Industrial Organization
x Chapter I. Pricing Policy and Welfare in Retail Chains: A Case for Vertical Incentives 1 1.
Sales Contracts and Production Uncertainty
This paper examines production under common uncertainty where sales contracts specify penalties for under- or over-production. The author locates a trade-off between high productivity and the
The impact of empirical tests of transaction cost economics on the debate on the nature of the firm
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Cooperatives in Economic Literature—Capita Selecta
There is no universally recognized economic theory of cooperation. In this part of the book, we review number of the main issues highlighted in the cooperative literature.
The trade-off between efficiency and learning in inter-organizational relationships
Cover title. A previous version of this paper was presented at the Consortium on Cooperation and Competitiveness Colloquium, Cambridge, April 20-21, 1996.
Managerial Production Function
In the short run the structural proportions and the scale of an organization are given. They may have been frozen by technical conditions (often appearing in the form of) or social conventions. In
The Determinants of Interfirm Trust: Evidence from Supplier Automaker Relationships in the U.S., Japan and Korea
This paper has been accepted for presentation at the Academy of Management Meetings, Cincinnati, 1996.
This paper explores the possibiloity of characterizing the variety of cooperatives through the lenses of transaction costs economics. A typology of cooperatives as hybrid arrangements is proposed.


Information, Expectations and the Theory of the Firm
I. The price system and the firm, 399. — II. The control of information, 402. — III. Information and expectations, 405. — IV. The division of knowledge, 411. — V. The firm's decision mechanism, 417.
Non-contractual relations in business: a preliminary study
Most larger companies, and many smaller ones, attempt to plan carefully and completely. Important transactions not in the ordinary course of business are handled by a detailed contract. For example,
Nonpecuniary Rewards and the Aggregate Production Function
T has long been recognized that the provision of nonpecuniary rewards to a factor of production creates a corresponding reduction in the observed market price of the factor. But the effect of the
Risk, Uncertainty and Profit
In Risk, Uncertainty and Profit, Frank Knight explored the riddle of profitability in a competitive market profit should not be possible under competitive conditions, as the entry of new
The Theory oj Share Tenancy
  • The Theory oj Share Tenancy
  • 1969
Property Rights and the Behavior of the Firm in a Socialist State
  • Zeitschrijt fUr Nationalokonomie
  • 1970