Product placements in movies and on Broadway

  title={Product placements in movies and on Broadway},
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Product placement is increasing in importance as a non-traditional method to reach consumers. A review of previous research on this topic indicates three research gaps: the need for additional ecologically valid field testing, more research using categorycued recall of the brand as the basic measure of product placement effectiveness, and more studies covering entertainment media other than film and TV. To these ends, we conducted two field studies. The first replicates prior laboratory… Expand
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The paper found that the effects of product placement conducts (product prominence and presentation) in social media are similar to the effectsof product placement in other media. Expand
Comprehensiveness of Product Placement Study in Hollywood and Bollywood Movies
This research study is a detailed content analysis focused on finding a relationship between product placements found in Hollywood and Bollywood movies that share similar plotlines with one anotherExpand
The Effectiveness of Product Placement: A Field Quasi-experiment
Results show that exposure to prominent, audio-visual, highly connected to the plot product placement causes an increase in brand awareness among film viewers, irrespective of other executional variables of a given placement. Expand
How using versus showing interaction between characters and products boosts product placement effectiveness
This paper argues and shows that a specific type of placement, character–product interaction (CPI), is able to achieve effectiveness across measures of placement success, and demonstrates the consistent advantage of CPI placements over static prominent placements. Expand
How to Mix Brand Placements in Television Programmes to Maximise Effectiveness
This research, based on 20 brand placement campaigns for 17 brands in 11 Belgian entertainment shows, uses the mixture modelling technique to identify the optimal mix of brand placement types in aExpand
Processing of product placements and brand persuasiveness
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to contribute to literature on marketing communication by exploring the roles of depth of processing and the dispositional factor, need for cognition (NFC), onExpand
Better together? Harnessing the power of brand placement through program sponsorship messages
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Positive or Negative Effects of Technology Enhancement for Brand Placements? Memory of Brand Placements in 2D, 3D, and 4D Movies
Brand placements in movies are common throughout the world. Within the last few years, 3D movie technology has experienced substantial growth in both cinemas and home entertainment. Furthermore,Expand
Marketers have always been looking for alternative ways to reach the target population with their messages. One approach that has grown the last decades is product placement that has become a largeExpand
The effect of product placement on persuasion for mobile phone games
The purpose of this investigation was to explore the persuasive effect of product placement on mobile phone games. An experiment was conducted with a 2 (type of game: high level of attention vs lowExpand


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Recall of Brand Placements in Computer/Video Games
  • M. Nelson
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Advertising Research
  • 2002
ABSTRACT Product placements have become popular across media, including computer and video games, as a way to increase brand awareness. This paper explores effectiveness of placing brands in a racingExpand
A Study of Factors Affecting Consumer Evaluations and Memory of Product Placements in Movies
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Media fragmentation and proliferation, in concert with declining television advertising efficacy, has engendered interest in developing more effective ways to reach consumers – particularly non-usersExpand
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This article develops and tests a conceptual framework for the practice of product placement. The empirical testing introduces a controlled experimental approach called the theater methodology.Expand
Advertising via the Box Office
Product placement in motion pictures is a practice that has grown tremendously in recent years. However, as with many alternative mediums, there is very little empirical research regarding theExpand