Product inhibition of the cysteine sulfoxide lyase of

  title={Product inhibition of the cysteine sulfoxide lyase of},
  author={John V. Jacobsen and Masatoshi Yamaguchi and Frederick D. Howard and Richard A. Bernhard},
  • John V. Jacobsen, Masatoshi Yamaguchi, +1 author Richard A. Bernhard
  • Published 1968
  • Chemistry, Biology
  • Abstract Tulbaghia violacea Harv. contains a pyridoxal phosphate-requiring enzyme which catalyzes the cleavage of S-ethyl- l -cysteine sulfoxide to ethyl ethanethiosulfinate, pyruvate, and ammonia. This enzyme is similar to the alliin alkyl sulphenate-lyase (alliinase) of Allium sativum L. (garlic). In vitro the reaction ceased when only a small percentage of the substrate had been transformed, and inhibition of the enzyme activity obeyed first-order kinetics irrespective of the amount of… CONTINUE READING

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