Product drift from NBTI: Guardbanding, circuit and statistical effects

  title={Product drift from NBTI: Guardbanding, circuit and statistical effects},
  author={Anand T. Krishnan and Frank Cano and Cathy A. Chancellor and V. Showjendra Kumar Reddy and Zhangfen Qi and Palkesh Jain and John Carulli and Jonathan Masin and Steve Zuhoski and Srikanth Krishnan and Jay Ondrusek},
  journal={2010 International Electron Devices Meeting},
Circuits employing advanced performance and power management techniques (clock gating, half-cycle paths) are found to be much more sensitive to NBTI primarily due to differential and asymmetric aging, with a 1% transistor drift leading to as much as 3% circuit drift in some cases. For the first time, we report a monotonic reduction in variance of the log parameters (Ln(ΔF/F) and Ln(ΔID/ID)) as a function of stress time. A stochastic guard banding model accounting for time-dependent variance, re… CONTINUE READING
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