Product Placements

  title={Product Placements},
  author={P. Homer},
  journal={Journal of Advertising},
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  • P. Homer
  • Published 2009
  • Journal of Advertising
The global market for product placement, the practice in which firms pay to place branded products (e.g., brand name/logo, package, signage, other trademarks) in the content of mass media programming, has exploded. A pair of studies test two potential moderating factors that may help account for the lack of attitude change reported in past experimental studies of placement effects. Specifically, this paper examines the effects of repetition of branded product placements in television and movies… Expand
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Brand placement across media: The interaction of placement modality and frequency in film versus text
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Consumers' Perceptions of the Ethics and Acceptability of Product Placements in Movies: Product Category and Individual Differences
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