Producing facts: Empirical asexuality and the scientific study of sex

  title={Producing facts: Empirical asexuality and the scientific study of sex},
  author={Ela Przybyło},
  journal={Feminism \& Psychology},
  pages={224 - 242}
Asexuality, quickly becoming a burgeoning sexual identity category and subject of academic inquiry, relies at this budding moment of identity demarcation on a series of scientific studies that seek to ‘discover’ the truth of asexuality in and on the body. This article considers the existing scientific research on asexuality, including both older and more obscure mentions of asexuality as well as contemporary studies, through two twin claims: (1) that asexuality, as a sexual identity, is… Expand
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You Have to be Normal to be Abnormal: An Empirically Grounded Exploration of the Intersection of Asexuality and Disability
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Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Sex and Romance in Asexuals
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Coming to an Asexual Identity: Negotiating Identity, Negotiating Desire
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