Prodefensins are matrix proteins of specific granules in human neutrophils.

  title={Prodefensins are matrix proteins of specific granules in human neutrophils.},
  author={Mikkel Faurschou and S\oren Kamp and Jack Bernard Cowland and Lene Udby and Anders Johnsen and Jero Calafat and Henrik Winther and Niels Borregaard},
  journal={Journal of leukocyte biology},
  volume={78 3},
Defensins are potent antimicrobial and proinflammatory peptides. The human neutrophil defensins human neutrophil peptide (HNP)-1-3 are synthesized as 94 amino acide (aa) preproHNPs, which are converted to 75 aa proHNPs by cotranslational removal of a 19 aa endoplasmic reticulum signal peptide. At the promyelocytic stage of myelopoiesis, proHNPs are further proteolytically modified and accumulate in azurophil granules as 29-30 aa HNPs. In contrast, proHNPs produced by more mature myeloid cells… CONTINUE READING


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