Procurement and transplantation of colonized cadaver skin.

  title={Procurement and transplantation of colonized cadaver skin.},
  author={Martin J. White and Janey D. Whalen and Jodee A. Gould and George L Brown and Hiram C. Polk},
  journal={The American surgeon},
  volume={57 6},
Cadaver skin is an important adjunct to burn care. This study was designed to measure the percentage of its contamination prior to grafting and to determine the clinical safety of its use. Cadaveric homografts from 19 donors were harvested, frozen, thawed, and used as a biological dressing. Cultures were obtained at the time of harvest, after incubation in antibiotics, and at actual transplantation. The homografts were 43 per cent, 68 per cent, and 50 per cent contaminant-free, respectively… CONTINUE READING

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