Procoagulant and inflammatory response of virus-infected monocytes.

  title={Procoagulant and inflammatory response of virus-infected monocytes.},
  author={John J. M. Bouwman and Frank L. J. Visseren and Marta Bosch and K Paul Bouter and Rob J.A. Diepersloot},
  journal={European journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={32 10},
BACKGROUND Monocytes play a prominent role in inflammation, coagulation and atherosclerosis by their ability to produce tissue factor (TF) and cytokines. The aim of the present study was to establish whether virus-infected monocytes initiate coagulation. In addition, the production of cytokines by monocytes may accelerate the chronic process of atherosclerosis and may contribute to coronary syndromes by eliciting plaque instability. MATERIALS AND METHODS Monocytes were isolated by Vacutainer… CONTINUE READING