Procoagulant activity in hemostasis and thrombosis: Virchow's triad revisited.

  title={Procoagulant activity in hemostasis and thrombosis: Virchow's triad revisited.},
  author={Alisa S. Wolberg and Maria Mercedes Alem{\'a}n and Karin Leiderman and Kellie R. Machlus},
  journal={Anesthesia and analgesia},
  volume={114 2},
Virchow's triad is traditionally invoked to explain pathophysiologic mechanisms leading to thrombosis, alleging concerted roles for abnormalities in blood composition, vessel wall components, and blood flow in the development of arterial and venous thrombosis. Given the tissue-specific bleeding observed in hemophilia patients, it may be instructive to consider the principles of Virchow's triad when investigating mechanisms operant in hemostatic disorders as well. Blood composition (the function… CONTINUE READING
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