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Prochetostoma, a New Genus Proposed as a Basal Group of the Subtribe Chetostomatina (Diptera: Tephritidae)

  title={Prochetostoma, a New Genus Proposed as a Basal Group of the Subtribe Chetostomatina (Diptera: Tephritidae)},
  author={Ho-Yeon Han},
A new genus, Prochetostoma Han, is proposed based on two tephritid species: P. bhutanicum, n. sp., and P. contemnens (Hering). A cladogram of these species and representative species of all the other genera of the subtribe Chetostomatina (Tribe Trypetini) is presented in discussion of the phylogenetic position of the new genus. Prochetostoma is recognized as a basal group within the subtribe, but its monophyly is neither supported nor rejected. A tentative phylogeny of the whole Chetostomatina… 

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Systematic database of names

Africa, Afghanistan & Thailand [PA, AF, OR], Musca helianthi Rossi 1794[ 4222]: 73.—Italy, “Etruria” [Tuscany?]. ST A ZMHU? Type data (Thompson & Pont 1993: 82).

Classification of the tribe Trypetini ( Diptera : Tephritidae : Trypetinae )

  • 1992