Processive extrusion of polypeptide loops by a Hsp100 disaggregase

  title={Processive extrusion of polypeptide loops by a Hsp100 disaggregase},
  author={Mario J. Avellaneda and Kamila B. Franke and Vanda Sunderlikova and B. Bukau and A. Mogk and S. Tans},
  • Mario J. Avellaneda, Kamila B. Franke, +3 authors S. Tans
  • Published 2020
  • Chemistry, Medicine, Computer Science
  • Nature
  • The ability to reverse protein aggregation is vital to cells 1 , 2 . Hsp100 disaggregases such as ClpB and Hsp104 are proposed to catalyse this reaction by translocating polypeptide loops through their central pore 3 , 4 . This model of disaggregation is appealing, as it could explain how polypeptides entangled within aggregates can be extracted and subsequently refolded with the assistance of Hsp70 4 , 5 . However, the model is also controversial, as the necessary motor activity has not been… CONTINUE READING
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