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Processing of large sets of stochastic signals: filtering based on piecewise interpolation technique

  title={Processing of large sets of stochastic signals: filtering based on piecewise interpolation technique},
  author={Anatoli Torokhti},
  • A. Torokhti
  • Published 11 November 2021
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
Suppose K Y and K X are large sets of observed and reference signals, respectively, each containing N signals. Is it possible to construct a filter F : K Y → K X that requires a priori information only on few signals, p ≪ N , from K X but performs better than the known filters based on a priori information on every reference signal from K X ? It is shown that the positive answer is achievable under quite unrestrictive assumptions. The device behind the proposed method is based on a special… 

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