Processing challenges in the XMM-Newton slew survey

  title={Processing challenges in the XMM-Newton slew survey},
  author={Richard Saxton and Bruno Altieri and Andrew M. Read and Michael J. Freyberg and M. P. Esquej and D. Bermejo},
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The great collecting area of the mirrors coupled with the high quantum efficiency of the EPIC detectors have made XMM-Newton the most sensitive X-ray observatory flown to date. This is particularly evident during slew exposures which, while giving only 15 seconds of on-source time, actually constitute a 2-10 keV survey ten times deeper than current "all-sky" catalogues. Here we report on progress towards making a catalogue of slew detections constructed from the full, 0.2-12 keV energy band and… Expand


The European Photon Imaging Camera on XMM-Newton: The MOS cameras : The MOS cameras
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The European Photon Imaging Camera on XMM-Newton: The pn-CCD camera
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Xmm-newton observatory
  • Xmm-newton observatory
  • 2001
Xmm-newton observatory,” A&A 365, pp
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In order to ensure the quality of the source catalogue derived from the SASS processing an automatic as well as a visual screening procedure was applied to 1378 survey fields. Most (94%) of theExpand