Processing affects the physicochemical properties of beta-glucan in oat bran cereal.

  title={Processing affects the physicochemical properties of beta-glucan in oat bran cereal.},
  author={Susan M Tosh and Yolanda Brummer and Shea Miller and Alejandra Regand and Cheryl Defelice and Ruedi Duss and Thomas M S Wolever and Peter John Wood},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={58 13},
The tendency of mixed linkage oat beta-glucan to form viscous solutions is generally assumed to be related to its ability to lower serum cholesterol levels in humans. However, the association has not been clearly demonstrated. To conduct a clinical trial showing the relationship between LDL-cholesterol levels and viscosity, a series of extruded oat bran cereals were prepared in which the beta-glucan had a range of molecular weights and modified solubility. An extraction protocol using… CONTINUE READING
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