Process of diffusing cancer survivorship care into oncology practice.


The LIVESTRONG Centers of Excellence were funded to increase the effectiveness of survivorship care in oncology practice. This study describes the ongoing process of adopting and implementing survivorship care using the framework of the diffusion of innovation theory of change. Primary data collection included telephone interviews with 39 members from the… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/s13142-012-0145-4


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@article{Tessaro2013ProcessOD, title={Process of diffusing cancer survivorship care into oncology practice.}, author={Irene Tessaro and Marci Campbell and Shannon L. Golden and Mindy Gellin and Mary McCabe and Karen Syrjala and Patricia A. Ganz and Linda A. Jacobs and Scott E Baker and Kenneth David Miller and Donald Lee Rosenstein}, journal={Translational behavioral medicine}, year={2013}, volume={3 2}, pages={142-8} }