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Process for synthesizing 5-aminovaleric acid hydrochloride

  title={Process for synthesizing 5-aminovaleric acid hydrochloride},
  author={廖立新 and 杨继东 and 林复兴 and 詹华杏},
The invention relates to an efficient novel method for synthesizing photosensitizing agent 5-ketoamine valerate hydrochloride. The method uses compounds of formula (I) and formula (II). In the formulas, R1 and R2 represent hydrogen or C1-C4 alkyl or substituted benzyl; R3 represents the C1-C4 alkyl or the substituted benzyl; and X represents Cl, Br, OTs and OMs. High purity 5-ketoamine valerate hydrochloride is prepared after alkylation reaction, interesterification, hydroxylamination…