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Process for preparing perpropionic acid

  title={Process for preparing perpropionic acid},
  author={稻叶悠纪夫 and 上野洋介 and 平川贵文 and 滝口寿寿夫},
  • 稻叶悠纪夫, 上野洋介, +1 author 滝口寿寿夫
  • Published 1991
  • Chemistry
  • The present invention discloses the preparation of propionic acid over the method in the presence of a catalyst comprising and acid and hydrogen peroxide, the reaction to the alkyl propionate as a reaction solvent, the reaction solution water is subjected to azeotropic water from the reaction solvent continuous removal by distillation. In the reaction, the distillate was separated from the azeotropic distillation peroxide concentration in the aqueous phase is maintained at no more than 0.1% (by… CONTINUE READING