[Process for lymphatic filariasis elimination in Jiangsu Province, China].


OBJECTIVE To review the process of lymphatic filariasis elimination in Jiangsu Province, and summarize the control experience. METHODS The data of epidemic status, control and surveillance of lymphatic filariasis were collected and analyzed in Jiangsu Province from 1950s to 1990s. RESULTS Lymphatic filariasis was endemic in 71 counties (cities) among all 75 counties (cities) in Jiangsu Province. Filariasis bancrofti distributed widely in the province, and in some areas of the south of Jiangsu, there were filariasis bancrofti and Brug' s filariasis co-existing. Before 1971, the microfilaria rate (mfr) in some areas had ever reached 20. 15% , from 1979, large scale control programme was carried out and the mfr in all endemic villages decreased to below 1% , and in 1989, the rate dropped to 0.016%. By 2001, the whole regions of the province reached the criteria of filariasis elimination. CONCLUSION The elimination of lymphatic filariasis in Jiangsu Province provides valuable experience for lymphatic filariasis control in other areas.

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