Process for biodiesel production from Cryptococcus curvatus.

  title={Process for biodiesel production from Cryptococcus curvatus.},
  author={Meikandhan Thiru and Santosh N. Sankh and Vidhya Rangaswamy},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
  volume={102 22},
The objective of the current report is process optimization for economical production of lipids by the well known oleaginous yeast Cryptococcus curvatus and conversion of the lipids to biodiesel. A high cell density fed-batch cultivation on low cost substrate viz. crude glycerol resulted in a dry biomass and oil yield of up to 69 g/L and 48% (w/w), respectively. The process was scaled up easily to 26 L. The oil extraction process was also optimized using environmentally safe solvents. The oil… CONTINUE READING