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Process Heat Transfer

  title={Process Heat Transfer},
  author={Geoffrey F. Hewitt and G. L. Shires and T. Reg. Bott},
This book presents comprehensive coverage of both classical and new topics on the subject. Classical aspects discussed include shell-and-tube heat exchangers, double pipe exchangers, reboilers, and condensers. New topics covered include process integration, heat exchanger selection, heat transfer associated with thermodynamic cycles and ohmic heating. The book includes both worked examples and problems at the end of each chapter, and there are sections on the fundamental principles of heat… 
Heat exchanger dynamic analysis
The Implications and Challenges of Enhanced Heat Transfer for the Chemical Process Industries
This paper considers the many techniques that have been developed to enhance convective heat transfer, with the emphasis on heat exchangers found in the chemical process industries. A summary is
Modelling of shell and tube heat exchangers
In this master thesis Modelica models for shell and tube heat exchangers was developed. The modelling focused on two configurations specifically; the TEMA E shell and tube heat exchanger with
Design of Condensers
Experimental Prediction of Heat Transfer Correlations in Heat Exchangers
The use of heat exchangers covers the following areas: the air conditioning, process, power, petroleum, transportation, refrigeration, cryogenic, heat recovery, and other industries applications.