Process Discovery Algorithms Using Numerical Abstract Domains


The discovery of process models from event logs has emerged as one of the crucial problems for enabling the continuous support in the life-cycle of an information system. However, in a decade of process discovery research, the algorithms and tools that have appeared are known to have strong limitations in several dimensions. The size of the logs and the formal properties of the model discovered are the two main challenges nowadays. In this paper we propose the use of numerical abstract domains for tackling these two problems, for the particular case of the discovery of Petri nets. First, numerical abstract domains enable the discovery of general process models, requiring no knowledge (e.g., the bound of the Petri net to derive) for the discovery algorithm. Second, by using divide and conquer techniques we are able to control the size of the process discovery problems. The methods proposed in this paper have been implemented in a prototype tool and experiments are reported illustrating the significance of this fresh view of the process discovery problem.

DOI: 10.1109/TKDE.2013.156

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