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Proceedings to the 7th Workshop 'What Comes Beyond the Standard Models', 19. - 31. July 2004, Bled, Slovenia

  title={Proceedings to the 7th Workshop 'What Comes Beyond the Standard Models', 19. - 31. July 2004, Bled, Slovenia},
  author={M. Breskvar and C. Froggatt and E. Guendelman and A. Kaganovich and A. Kleppe and L. Laperashvili and D. Lukman and N. Borstnik and D. Miller and R. Mirman and J. Mravlje and R. Nevzorov and H. Nielsen and E. Nissimov and S. Pacheva and M. Sher},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology},
1. Predictions for Four Generations of Quarks Suggested by the Approach Unifying Spins and Charges (M. Breskvar, J. Mravlje, N.Mankoc Borstnik), 2. No-scale Supergravity and the Multiple Point Principle (C.Froggatt, L.Laperashvili, R.Nevzorov, H.B.Nielsen), 3. The Two-Higgs Doublet Model and the Multiple Point Principle (C.Froggatt, L.Laperashvili, R.Nevzorov, H.B.Nielsen, M.Sher), 4. New Physics From a Dynamical Volume Element (E. Guendelman, A. Kaganovich, E. Nissimov and S. Pacheva), 5… Expand
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