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Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Flavor Symmetries and Consequences in Accelerators and Cosmology (FLASY12)

  title={Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Flavor Symmetries and Consequences in Accelerators and Cosmology (FLASY12)},
  author={Ivo de Medeiros Varzielas and Christian Hambrock and Gudrun Hiller and Martin Jung and Philipp Leser and Heinrich Pas and Stefan Schacht and M. Aoki and James Barry and Gautam Bhattacharyya and Gianluca Blankenburg and A. J. Buras and Lorenzo Calibbi and Laura Covi and Debottam Das and Frank F. Deppisch and S{\'e}bastien Descotes-Genon and Gui-Jun Ding and Michael Duerr and Thorsten Feldmann and Marat Freytsis and Jennifer Girrbach and F. Gonz'alez Canales and Florian Hartmann and Julian Heeck and Juan Carlos Helo and Martin S. Hirsch and C. M. Ho and Martin Holthausen and Avihay Kadosh and Jernej F. Kamenik and Wolfgang Kilian and Stephen F. King and Pyungwon Ko and Sergey G. Kovalenko and Martin B. Krauss and M. Kreps and Jisuke Kubo and Zoltan Ligeti and Patrick Otto Ludl and Ernest Ma and Joaquim Matias and Alexander Merle and Aurora Meroni and A. Mondrag'on and Myriam Mondrag'on and Stefano Morisi and Satyanarayan Nandi and Y. Omura and Eduardo Peinado and Filippo Sala and U. J. Saldana Salazar and Daniel Schmidt and Karsten Schnitter and Hugo Serodio and C. Simoes and Martin Spinrath and Hideaki Takano and M. Tanimoto and Mariam T'ortola and Sascha Turczyk and Avelino Vicente and Javier Virto and Y.-M. Wang and Thomas J. Weiler and K. Yamamoto and M. J. S. Yang and C. Yu and Roman Zwicky},
The main goals of the first 'Workshop on FLAvor SYmmetries and consequences in accelerators and cosmology' (FLASY) was to summarize the theoretical status of flavor symmetries, bringing together young researchers in the field to stimulate discussions and new collaborations, with the aim of investigating possible new physics scenarios to be tested at the LHC, as well as in future neutrino, cosmology experiments and dark matter searches. 

The anatomy of neutral scalars with FCNCs in the flavour precision era

A bstractIn many extensions of the Standard Model (SM) flavour changing neutral current (FCNC) processes can be mediated by tree-level heavy neutral scalars and/or pseudo-scalars H0(A0). This

θ13 and charged lepton flavor violation in “warped” A4 models

A bstractWe recently proposed a spontaneous A4 flavor symmetry breaking scheme implemented in a warped extra dimensional setup to explain the observed pattern of quark and lepton masses and mixings.

New physics models with sterile neutrinos at different energy scales

Neutrino mass requires new physics beyond the Standard Model: sterile neutrinos are one such example. In general the mass scale of such particles is unknown, so that different model building

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The Borexino Collaboration

The Borexino detector measures solar neutrino fluxes via neutrino-electron elastic scattering. Observed spectra are determined by the solar-νe survival probability Pee(E), and the chiral couplings of

Search for new physics in events with same-sign dileptons, b-tagged jets and missing energy

  • Physics
  • 2012
A search for anomalous production in the same-sign dilepton final state with at least two b-jets and missing energy is performed. This analysis uses a data sample collected with the CMS detector of

LHCb time-dependent results

This review reports preliminary results of time-dependent measurements of decays of B 0 mesons and B 0 mesons coming from the analysis of about 36 pb −1 of data collected by the LHCb experiment

Differential branching fraction and angular analysis of the B+ → K+μ+μ− decay

A bstractThe angular distribution and differential branching fraction of the decay B+→ K+μ+μ− are studied with a dataset corresponding to 1.0fb−1 of integrated luminosity, collected by the LHCb

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