Proceedings 37th International Conference on Logic Programming (Technical Communications)

  title={Proceedings 37th International Conference on Logic Programming (Technical Communications)},
  author={Andrea Formisano and Yanhong A. Liu and Bart Bogaerts and Alex Brik and Ver{\'o}nica Dahl and Carmine Dodaro and Paul Fodor and Gian Luca Pozzato and Joost Vennekens and Neng-Fa Zhou},
ICLP is the premier international event for presenting research in logic programming. Contributions to ICLP 2021 were sought in all areas of logic programming, including but not limited to: Foundations: Semantics, Formalisms, Nonmonotonic reasoning, Knowledge representation. Languages issues: Concurrency, Objects, Coordination, Mobility, Higher order, Types, Modes, Assertions, Modules, Meta-programming, Logic-based domain-specific languages, Programming techniques. Programming support: Program…