Procedures for measuring the quality of heat-treated soybeans.

  title={Procedures for measuring the quality of heat-treated soybeans.},
  author={Julian T Hsu and Larry D. Satter},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={78 6},
Soybeans were subjected to 12 heat treatments, differing in temperature and steeping (conditioning) time: control (no heat); 110 degrees C, 0 min; 110 degrees C, 30 min; 123 degrees C, 0 min; 123 degrees C, 30 min; 135 degrees C, 0 min; 135 degrees C, 30 min; 146 degrees C, 0 min; 146 degrees C, 15 min; 146 degrees C, 30 min; 153 degrees C, 30 min; and 160 degrees C, 30 min. These soybean treatments were tested for protein dispersibility index, absorbance at 420 nm, ADIN, pepsin-insoluble N… CONTINUE READING

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