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Procedures for Performing Systematic

  title={Procedures for Performing Systematic},
  author={Barbara A. Kitchenham},

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Design guidelines for SaaS development process
A better understanding of key design factors in SAAS development process which results in a successful SaaS product following an improved design process is provided.
Women's views and experiences of continuous support during childbirth : a meta-synthesis
The roles and attributes of support persons as perceived by new the mothers are perceived and the type of support people type and physical presence are identified.
Internet of Things Controlled Home Objects for the Elderly
This study uses systematic literature review to determine applications developed to assist elderly people inside their home, and a new scenario of home environment is visualized, where Internet of Things can be used to control all the frequently used home objects by the elderly.
Evolution of Open Source Software Projects: A Systematic Literature Review
A systematic literature survey aimed at thecation and structuring of research on evolution of OSS projects, provides insight in what constitutes the main contributions of the main contributors, fills gaps and opportunities, and distills several important future research directions.
Intelligent Support System for Health Monitoring of Elderly People
A functionality of intelligence decision support system is proposed, in heart monitoring system, that has capability of generate an alarm in case of serious abnormality in heart, during monitoring of heart activity.
A Mix Testing Process Integrating Two Manual Testing Approaches : Exploratory Testing and Test Case Based Testing
Analysis of the experimentation results indicated that MT has better defect detection than TCBT and less than ET, and the results of the experiments also indicate that MT provides equal functionality coverage as compared to ET and TCBT.
A Systematic Review of Pair Programming Research - Initial Results
paper presents the initial results of our syst ematic review of pair programming studies. As an alternative to p erforming a literature review, we conducted a systematic review in order to reveal the
Foreign Investment Disputes Settlement under ICSID and the Protection of FDI
Foreign Direct Investment if of interest to both Investors and States. For individuals, it is an opportunity to enter new markets, expand their business portfolio and exploit favourable working
Information security governance metrics: a survey and taxonomy
Security teams can benefit from the ISG metrics taxonomy as, when creating security dashboards, the taxonomy can focus their attention on those specific security metrics that are of most value to the corporate leadership.


Undertaking Systematic Review of Research on Effectiveness. CRD’s Guidance for those Carrying Out or Commissioning Reviews. CRD Report Number 4 (2 Edition), NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination
  • 2001
Arguments for Qualitative Risk Assessment: The StAR Risk Adviser
It is suggested that this approach is well‐suited to the way in which people naturally make decisions, and how the StAR approach has been implemented in the domain of toxicological risk assessment is shown.
Beyond randomised versus observational studies
Weighted kappa: nominal scale agreement with provision for scaled disagreement or partial credit.
  • J. Cohen
  • Physics
    Psychological bulletin
  • 1968
The Kw provides for the incorpation of ratio-scaled degrees of disagreement (or agreement) to each of the cells of the k * k table of joi.
How to read a paper: Papers that summarise other papers (systematic reviews and meta-analyses)
When a systematic review is undertaken, not only must the search for relevant articles be thorough and objective, but the criteria used to reject articles as “flawed” must be explicit and independent of the results of those trials.
An empirical study of software project bidding
The study reports from a real-life bidding process in which 35 companies were bidding for the same contract and found that the 17 companies involved in the prestudy phase presented bids that were, on average, about 70 percent higher than the bids of the other companies, although all companies based their bids on the same requirement specification.
How to use the evidence: assessment and application of scientific evidence
The strategic intent of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is to work with others for the health of all Australians, by promoting informed debate on ethics and policy, providing