Procedure Closure in EL1

  title={Procedure Closure in EL1},
  author={Ben Wegbreit},
  journal={Comput. J.},

A Bibliography of Publications in The Computer Journal : 1958 – 1999

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Program improvement by internal specialization

A set of four operations for transforming programs in this extended language of recursion equations to include a generalized procedure construct (the expression procedure) form the basis of a general-purpose specialization technique for recursive programs.

Program improvement by source to source transformation

A collection of program transformations and a model of the compilation process in terms of source-to-source transformations are presented, and a description of the application of these ideas to an existing programming language is given.

Software Engineering: Process, Principles, and Goals

This paper attempts to define the principles and goals that affect the practice of software engineering into a framework that rationalizes and encourages their proper use, while placing in perspective the diversity of techniques, methods, and tools that presently comprise the subject ofSoftware engineering.

On programming parallel computers

  • L. Lamport
  • Computer Science
    Programming Languages and Compilers for Parallel and Vector Machines
  • 1975
This paper examines the fundamental nature of the programming/compiling process, how this process is done now, and how it should be done in the future, and concludes that a higher level programming language is needed both to reduce programming costs and also to obtain more efficient programs.

A formal analysis of name accessing in programming languages.

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