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Procedural City Generator MSc Master ’ s Project

  title={Procedural City Generator MSc Master ’ s Project},
  author={P. Ilangovan},
6 1.0 Introduction 7 2.0 Previous works in this field 7 3.0 Technical Background 9 3.1 L-Systems in City Generation 9 3.2 Alternative approach to City Generation 13 3.2.1 Sampling Technique 13 3.2.2 Voronoi Pattern 14 3.2.3 Subdivision Technique 15 4.0 Procedural City Generator 15 4.1 Assets and nodes 16 4.2 Terrain Generation 17 4.2.1 Grey Scale height map as input 17 4.2.2 Contour map as input 18 4.2.3 Reason to create “Dist” python sop 19 4.2.4 Creating Grey scale map 20 4.2.5 Feeding the… 



The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants

Graphical modeling using L-systems and turtle interpretation of symbols for plant models and iterated function systems, and Fractal properties of plants.

Citygen : An Interactive System for Procedural City Generation

Citygen aims to automate as much of this as possible by employing procedural generation methods to rapidly create the urban geometry typical of a modern city by providing an interface allowing the user to directly manipulate geometric elements such as road intersection nodes, and to directly control and specify many aspects of the procedural generation.

Template-based generation of road networks for virtual city modeling

This paper proposes a novel method to generate a virtual traffic network based on image-derived templates, and a rule-based generating system that adjusts itself intelligently in order to avoid restricted geographical areas or urban developments.

Real-Time Collision Detection

The book provides the tools and know-how needed to implement industrial-strength collision detection for the highly detailed dynamic environments of applications such as 3D games, virtual reality applications, and physical simulators.

A Pattern Language - Towns, Buildings, Construction

This book will enable a person to make a design for almost any kind of building, or any part of the built environment, which will replace existing ideas and practices entirely.

A Survey of Procedural Techniques for City Generation

The main body of existing research into procedural city generation is studied and an overview of several commonly used procedural techniques including fractals, L-systems, Perlin noise, tiling systems and cellular basis are provided.

Side Effects Software. Houdini Houdini Documentation

  • Side Effects Software. Houdini Houdini Documentation
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According to their method, the road network for a city

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Procedural Modelling of Cities

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Available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L-system

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