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Problems with COBOL--Some Empirical Evidence

  title={Problems with COBOL--Some Empirical Evidence},
  author={Dennis M. Volpano and Herbert E. Dunsmore},
This study investigated programming activity in COBOL. Attempts were made to identify problem areas so that improvemenls can be made in COBOL compilers and in the manner in which COBOL is taught. Identification of problem areas was achieved through examining program changes made by student programmers during the development of four dille rent COBOL programs. The data, which was collected from a COBOL course at Purdue University, consisted of all versions of all programs submitted for… 
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COBOL as a Modern Language


A study of errors, error-proneness, and error diagnosis in Cobol
Data is provided on Cobol error frequency for correction of errors in student-oriented compilers, improvement of teaching, and changes in programming language to imply high potential effectiveness for software-based correction of Cobol.
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It is the hope that the algorithms and concepts presented in this book will survive the next generation of computers and programming languages, and that at least some of them will be applicable to fields other than compiler writing.
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Ease of construction seemed related to average nesting depth, percentage of global variables used for data communication, average variables referenced, and average live variables per statement, and data communication and live variables were shown to be related to ease of modification.
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The effectiveness of structured walk-throughs in teaching introductory Cobol programming was empirically assessed with a sample of 215 undergraduate business administration majors to more effectively develop student proficiency in writing Cobol programs.
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