Problems related to menstruation amongst adolescent girls

  title={Problems related to menstruation amongst adolescent girls},
  author={Pragya Sharma and Chetna Malhotra and Devender K Taneja and Renuka Saha},
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ObjectiveTo study the types and frequency of problems related to menstruation in adolescent girls and the effect of these problems on daily routine.MethodsGirls in the age group 13–19 years who had had menarche for at least one year at the time of study. 198 adolescent girls have been studied. Data was collected by personal interviews on a pre-tested, semi-structured questionnaire. The questions covered menstrual problems, regularity of menses in last three cycles of menstruation and the effect… 
The result indicates more than hal f of the respondents have awareness towards menstruation and Ayder high school needs to form clubs to create awareness of menstruation to the female students.
Correlates of the menstrual problems among rural college students of Satara district
Significant statistical association existed between type of menstrual cycle and anemia, nutritional status, amount of bleeding and dysmenorrhoea, and mean age at menarche 14.1 year.
Research Article A study of the menstrual pattern and problems among rural school going adolescent girls of Amravati district of Maharashtra, India
Menstruation is an important milestone for adolescent girls and menstrual problems are common among adolescent girls, according to a study carried out in rural area of Amravati district of Maharashtra.
Dysmenorrhoea and Premenstrual Syndrome: Frequency and effect on daily activities of adolescent girls in rural areas of Bangalore -
Comprehensive health education regarding menstruation, awareness regarding menstrual problems and the treatment available for these problems should be provided at schools.
Experiences and Attitudes Related to Menstruation among Female Students
Experiencing menstruation is an important indicator of reproductive health that holds great significance in the life of young girls. Aim of the study was to explore the relationship between attitudes
Prevalence and severity of dysmenorrhea: a problem related to menstruation, among first and second year female medical students.
Dysmenorrhea and PMS is highly prevalent among female medical students, it is related to college/class absenteeism, limitations on social, academic, sports and daily activities, and maximum participants do not seek medical advice and self treat themselves with prostaglandin inhibitors.
Effects of Perimenstrual Complaints on Sexuality and Disability and Coping Strategies of University Students
There is a need for a program to increase awareness about PMS and menstrual complaints and suitable coping strategies for its symptomatology in the university settings to improve quality of life and school performance of the students.


Menstruation among adolescent girls in Malaysia: a cross-sectional school survey.
Menstrual problems among adolescent female are common and are influenced by certain modifiable factors, and were significantly more common in female adolescents who smoke and have suicidal behaviours.
Menstruation and its disorders in adolescence.
Awareness and health seeking behaviour of rural adolescent school girls on menstrual and reproductive health problems.
The need for educating school girls about adolescent health, pregnancy and reproductive health problems through schools and parents by the health professionals is highlighted.
A study on menstrual hygiene among rural adolescent girls.
Though almost all 64 girls received advice regarding menstrual hygiene from different sources, some of their practices were unhygienic, showing that the mothers of these girls were lacking of right knowledge and the same thing was transferred to their off springs.
Dysmenorrhoea and menstrual abnormalities among postmenarcheal secondary school girls in Maiduguri Nigeria.
Four Hundred and fifteen post menarcheal secondary school girls selected randomly from six secondary schools in Maiduguri metropolis were interviewed with the aid of questionnaires to find out their
[Dysmenorrhea in adolescent girls].
It is important to screen female adolescents for dysmenorrhea and provide them with information on the disease and possible treatment options and follow up of these adolescents is mandatory especially in cases not responding to standard medical treatment.
General and reproductive health of adolescent girls in rural south India.
Overall, these findings indicate a need for both health education and special treatment services for girls from India who have suffered the health consequences of low socioeconomic status, unhygienic practices, and poor nutrition.
Age at menarche and racial comparisons in US girls.
Overall, US girls are not gaining reproductive potential earlier than in the past, and the age at menarche of non-Hispanic black girls is significantly earlier than that of Non-Hispanic white, black, and Mexican American girls.
Prevalence and impact of dysmenorrhea on Hispanic female adolescents.
Dysmenorrhea is highly prevalent among Hispanic adolescents and is related to school absenteeism and limitations on social, academic, and sports activities.