[Problems on Czech anatomical nomenclature in forensic medicine].


The paper describes the medico-legal language style of texts which are often meant for non-medical scholars. Traditionally, the Czech language has been used in forensic medicine, instead of Latin (words with Latin roots). The paper also presents requirements for the language style of medico-legal texts as we have found them in academic publications. The core of the paper is an analysis of the anatomical terms extracted from autopsy protocols. We focus on designation of those anatomical structures which do not have their established Czech equivalents. Possibilities of a future research of the Czech anatomical nomenclature standardization for speech recognition (e.g., autopsy protocols) are mentioned.

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@article{Neas2009ProblemsOC, title={[Problems on Czech anatomical nomenclature in forensic medicine].}, author={Pavel Ne{\vc}as and Petr Hejna}, journal={Soudni lekarstvi}, year={2009}, volume={54 3}, pages={33-6} }