Problems of definition: What is organized crime?

  title={Problems of definition: What is organized crime?},
  author={James O. Finckenauer},
  journal={Trends in Organized Crime},
What do most people, or at least most Americans, think of when they hear, see, or read the term “organized crime”? What do they know about it? And from whence do they get their information? What about law enforcement practitioners, prosecutors, judges, and politicians? And, what about academics and journalists, the folks who study and write about organized crime? Agreeing upon a commonly accepted definition of just what is organized crime has been a continuing problem for both research and… 
“Organized crime” and “organized crime”: Indeterminate problems of definition
Despite decades of effort, the search for a universal definition of organized crime has eluded both academics, criminal justice agencies, as well as international bodies. More than two decades ago, a
What Do We Know About Organised Crime and Fraud
This chapter examines the existing academic literature and what it tells us about organised crime and fraud, both at a national and an international level. With a traditional focus from enforcement
Proof Taylor & Francis Not for distribution Proof GENERAL INTRODUCTION What is organized crime ?
What are we to understand by organized crime (henceforth OC)? This is the question that an introduction to a four-volume collection of papers and book chapters on the subject must attempt to answer.
Organized Crime and Preventive Justice
  • T. Sorell
  • Law
    Ethical theory and moral practice : an international forum
  • 2018
It is argued that existing preventive policing and legislation against organized crime may be harder to justify than their counterparts in counter-terrorism, at least in the UK.
Is metal theft committed by organized crime groups, and why does it matter?
Using the example of metal theft in the United Kingdom, this study used mixed methods to evaluate the accuracy of police estimates of the involvement of organized crime groups (OCGs) in crime. Police
Policing Gangs and Organized Crime: Reflections on Conceptual Confusion and Its Consequences from Two Swedish Case Studies
Conceptual confusion is a recurring problem in society’s effort to control and eradicate gangs and organized crime. Government agencies, law enforcement, and other practitioners tend to apply the
Alternative Positions on Crime and Criminality: An Examination of Perspective from the Margins
  • Danielle Watson
  • Sociology, Law
    International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy
  • 2019
The study presents a case for expanding discussions about crime to include ideological variances, circumstances and societal contexts. A content analysis approach was used to interpret civilian
Criminal Organizing : Studies in the sociology of organized crime
What organized crime is and how it can be prevented are two of the key questions in both organized crime research and criminal policy. However, despite many attempts, organized crime research, the ...
Organized criminal involvement in the illicit antiquities trade
From the ”glocal” perspective of a large sample of archaeologists conducting fieldwork throughout the world and working on the very sites of interest to looters, this paper explores the question
United We Stand? Conceptual Diversity in the EU Strategy Against Organized Crime
Abstract The construction of the EU’s area of Freedom, Security and Justice (AFSJ) has been established around a few common issues of concern. One important pillar is migration, asylum, visa policy


Policing Organized Crime
This article identifies three structural, procedural and policy decisions that relate to organized crime law enforcement: the structure of the investigative agencies dedicated to containing organized
The Organized Crime Continuum: A Further Specification of a New Conceptual Model
Endless and sometimes fruitless debate continues in the literature regarding a proper definition of organized crime as a concept. Much of this difficulty is associated with thefact that the concept
Gotham Unbound: How New York City Was Liberated From the Grip of Organized Crime
Cosa Nostra. Organized crime. The Mob. Call it what you like, no other crime group has infiltrated labor unions and manipulated legitimate industries like Italian organized crime families. One cannot
Varieties of Drug Trafficking Organizations: A Typology of Cases Prosecuted in New York City
This paper examines a sample of 39 drug trafficking organizations prosecuted in New York City federal courts. Using a new two-dimensional typology based on organizational structure and tasks/roles, a
International Trafficking in Stolen Vehicles
For many years, trafficking in stolen cars seemed largely to be confined to the Americas, with an estimated 200,000 cars per year flowing from the United States to Mexico and Central and South
On the Take: From Petty Crooks to Presidents.
This book discusses the evolution of the crime network from a police state to a criminal network, and the role of the internet in this evolution.