Problems of Translation in Cross-Cultural Research

  title={Problems of Translation in Cross-Cultural Research},
  author={L. Sechrest and Todd L. Fay and S. Zaidi},
  journal={Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology},
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There are various types of translation problems, not all of which have received sufficient attention. Translation of questions or other verbal stimuli has received more attention than problems of achieving equivalence in translations of orienting and task in-structions and responses. Vocabulary equivalence must take into account language as used by respondents and the possibility of terms lacking equivalents across languages. Equivalence in idiom and in grammar and syntax may be important, but… Expand
Problems of Translation for Cross-Cultural Experimental Philosophy
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Translation as a mathematical problem: An analysis of Chinese-English and English-Chinese word equivalents
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Three notions of item equivalency are distinguished. They correspond to the back-translation approach, the psychometric IRT approach, and the facet-theoretical approach. The latter defines equivalentExpand
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