Problems of SME Risks' Identification and Systematization

  • Lopatina Elena Yurievna
  • Published 2013


Inseparability of the risk concept from the entrepreneurial activity concept is the reason for that the risk management turns out to be the major subject throughout the management studies literature. However, the risk management of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), which are especially subject to the slightest fluctuations of an environment, remains a subject still insufficiently studied. Standardized and structured risk management practices’ implementation at small enterprises is hindered with a lack of the necessary resources, the qualified labour force, lack of access to databases. As a result in the majority of the similar organizations an assessment of critical risk levels and even identification of possible threats are not carried out, not to mention adoption of strategic plans to decrease a risk component of business activity. For reduction of the uncertainty degree, characterizing production at small enterprises, we offer system of the risks which extent of influence is the highest. Within this work it seems to be especially important to emphasize existence of globalization risks as small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the world should exist in more and more unified and open environment.

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