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Problems of Periodical and Serial Binding

  title={Problems of Periodical and Serial Binding},
  author={Sidney Ditzion and Leverett Norman},
A L SENSE the binding of serial publications , especially when they have been periodicals, has circum-scribed decisions in almost every other area of librarianship. Librarians generally, and particularly those serving in academic institutions, have long observed the principle that a periodical should not be subscribed to unless there is also the intention of binding completed volumes in book form. The cost of acquiring, recording, temporary shelving, and maintenance prior to such binding is… 



Periodical Binding Schedules for Improved Reader Service in University and College Libraries

An investigation into interruption of reader service during the binding period was gathered from sixty-three college and university libraries, and the point of view was that of the _ assistant servicing serials material.

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