[Problems in the determination of pathogens in prostatovesiculitis].


In patients with prostatovesiculitis the qualitative proof of microorganisms from experiment or ejaculate has only an insignificant diagnostic value on account of the lacking possibility of the recognition of contamination germs, It may be concluded to a prostatitis caused by bacteria, when the number of germs established in the exprimate is unequivocally larger than this one in the middle stream urine. In order to use successfully also the differences of the number of germs of ejaculate and middle stream urine for the differentiation between bacterial contamination and prostatovesiculitis, it must be presumed that bacteria of the physiological flora of the urethra may be cultivated in about the same quantity by investigations of the ejaculate as well as of the middle stream urine. Of 100 males without inflammatory disease in the region of the urogenital tract, therefore, middle stream urine and ejaculate or exprimate-containing urine were examined bacteriologically. Hereby was recognized that the number of germs in the different ejaculte specimens of healthy men considerably varied in comparison to the middle stream urine or the exprimate-containing urine and, consequently, is scarcely taken into consideration as diagnostic criterion for the prostatovesiculitis.

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