[Problems and techniques of functional rehabilitation of upper limb stump].


The authors discuss problems and techniques of rehabilitation in subjects who have undergone upper limb amputation, as well as the requirements for good application of a prosthesis. Various types of prostheses are described: passive ones, those moved by the body and externally operated ones. The amputee undergoes three stages of rehabilitation: a general preparatory phase for maintenance of good joint function and muscle efficiency; a phase of specific rehabilitation with the help of electromyometry and an electronic training device for the use of the prosthesis, and finally individual and group exercises in laboratories with special facilities.

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@article{Martini1990ProblemsAT, title={[Problems and techniques of functional rehabilitation of upper limb stump].}, author={Giuseppe Martini and L Vitangeli and Pasquale Assennato and Martina Drommi}, journal={La Clinica terapeutica}, year={1990}, volume={134 1}, pages={13-24} }