• Philosophy
  • Published 1937

Problems : books XXII-XXXVIII ; Rhetorica ad Alexandrum

  title={Problems : books XXII-XXXVIII ; Rhetorica ad Alexandrum},
  author={W. S. Hett and H. Rackham and Aristotle},
Aristotle, great Greek philosopher, researcher, reasoner, and writer, born at Stagirus in 384 BCE, was the son of Nicomachus, a physician, and Phaestis. He studied under Plato at Athens and taught there (367-347); subsequently he spent three years at the court of a former pupil, Hermeias, in Asia Minor and at this time married Pythias, one of Hermeias's relations. After some time at Mitylene, in 343-2 he was appointed by King Philip of Macedon to be tutor of his teen-aged son Alexander. After… CONTINUE READING