Probleme der schätzung der herdenheritabilität am beispiel der Schwarzbuntzucht Niedersachsens


i days and number of mice littering of the g6 exposed per generation increased significantly (p < o.oi), while number of days from exposure to male to littering decreased (p < o.oi). Litter size at subsequent parities and total number of litters in a 30 8 days production period of mice of the 25 th generation of a line selected for litter size (L line) and… (More)
DOI: 10.1186/1297-9686-9-1-138B


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@inproceedings{Bruns1977ProblemeDS, title={Probleme der sch{\"a}tzung der herdenheritabilit{\"a}t am beispiel der Schwarzbuntzucht Niedersachsens}, author={Eric Bruns and H J Langholz and H. L. K{\"{o}ther}, booktitle={Annales de g{\'e}n{\'e}tique et de s{\'e}lection animale}, year={1977} }