Probleme der intravenösen Gammaglobulintherapie


The presently available i.v. gammaglobulines (GG) can be classified into two groups: Degraded and intact GG. Degraded GG are produced by pepsin or plasmin digestion. Intact GG are obtained byβ-propiolactone treatment, acidification at pH 4 or precipitation with polyethylenglycol-hydroxyethylstarch (PEG/HES). The various products have different… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF01491100


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@article{Ring2005ProblemeDI, title={Probleme der intraven{\"o}sen Gammaglobulintherapie}, author={J. Ring and Kristina Duswald}, journal={Klinische Wochenschrift}, year={2005}, volume={58}, pages={797-809} }