Problem size and mentally retarded children's judgment of commutativity.

  title={Problem size and mentally retarded children's judgment of commutativity.},
  author={A. James Baroody},
  journal={American journal of mental deficiency},
  volume={91 4},
The effects of problem size on judgments of commutativity by 51 moderately and mildly mentally retarded students were investigated. The task required subjects to judge whether commuted addition problems (e.g., 5 + 2 and 2 + 5) and noncommuted problems (e.g., 5 + 3 and 5 + 0) would have the same or different sum. Small problems had addends of five or less; large problems had at least one addend greater than five. The subjects' responses to the commutativity task were highly consistent across the… CONTINUE READING

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